Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas

Husband, father, CRACKCast creator, Dad-bod, forever Chief, his roles and contributions to the Island EM program are truly countless.

Adam was YET ANOTHER Calgary grad who could not resist the lush beauty of the West Coast and the incredible training opportunities that the Island program offered.

When Adam moved to the island 6 years ago he eagerly embraced the subculture of Victoria buying kaki pants and a hemp based t-shirts. His love for mountain biking, ocean kayaking and surfing flourished in the lush backyard of Victoria.  During his PGY-3 year Adam  created and co-founded CRACKCast with his partner in crime and co-resident Chris Lipp.

Currently, Adam is a Critical Care fellow in Vancouver and collaborating with PulmCrit to author the new Internet Book of Critical Care (IBCC) Podcast. He is passionate about medical education, emergency medicine and critical care. While his critical care fellowship keeps him fairly busy he can still be found in the Victoria Emergency Department picking up shifts as a new staff.  Outside of work Adam spends his time with his 1 year old Gabe and mountain biking with his wife Amy.

MD (Calgary), FRCPC (UBC, Victoria), Critical Care Fellowship (UBC)

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