Donovan MacDonald


Chief Resident

Donovan is a born and raised Saskatchewan farm boy. On the cold Saskatchewan night he was born the doctors exclaimed to his parents “my goodness he is a long skinny baby, like a snake!” His gangly physique continued throughout his life and as Meredith (his co-resident) placed her first chest tube as an R1 he exclaimed as she passed the tube “I used to get pneumos!”

For his undergrad and medical school Donovan moved to the beautiful city of Saskatoon and is a proud graduate of the UofS. Donnie is a bit of a quitter though: he never actually finished his undergraduate degree, having been accepted into medical school early.  Furthermore, it turns out that the MCAT was not a requirement for medical admissions in Saskatchewan. All this is to say: he has no idea what goes on in the Kreb’s cycle. None.

What else do you need to know about Donovan? He can solve a Rubik’s cube in 30 seconds, cooks a mean mac and cheese (just don’t distract him while he is eating otherwise he will never finish) and was Saskatchewan’s provincial champion in horseshoes 2 years in a row.

Donovan is passionate about medical education and can often be found teaching medical students on shift, leading clinical skills sessions or teaching ultrasound to junior emergency medicine residents.

MD (Saskatchewan), FRCPC candidate (UBC, Victoria)

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