Jacob Wilkins


Jake grew up outside of Edmonton and completed his undergrad in Biology at the University of Burman. Growing up he played A LOT of hockey, and worked construction throughout high school (earning him the title of the program’s handiest resident).

Jake brought diversity to the program by being the first resident not from University of Calgary School of Medicine. Coming from the U of A, he remembers the initial transition to the west coast. The Calgarians seemed so used to the bright sunlight which scorched his eyes during the winter months but soon he shed his winter coat, purchased several pairs of sunglasses and grew his hair out.

Currently, Jake is completing his 4th year fellowship in Advanced Airway Management and has been described as having laryngoscopes for fingers.

Interests outside of medicine: Mountain biking, hockey, wood working.

MD (Alberta), FRCPC Candidate (UBC, Victoria), Airway Management

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