Justin Roos


What can we say about Justin? Obviously a Vancouverite by birth (similar to Targaryen but with fewer dragons) and Calgary Med graduate, Justin packed up his bag for the coast when he heard Tristan was coming out here. Justin came to the island for the same reason that we all do: the incredible training opportunities, the island’s majestic beauty, and to get in on the ground floor of Tristan’s new fragrance. Justin is possibly the program’s most passionate resident, as he tends to have many opinions.  Opinions on what you ask? Besides most things, he is specifically passionate about carbonated water and vacuum cleaners. If you don’t already have a Roomba, you should think about getting one.

Justin brings the same intensity to emergency medicine that he brings to everything he does. He is an avid mountain biker, rock climber and runner and can occasionally be heard moonlighting on CRACKCast. His HbA1c may be climbing and his hair may be (slightly) thinning, but Justin is without a doubt the one of the program’s most energetic personalities. Just ask Jake, who recently broke his scapula trying to keep up with him mountain biking.

MD (UBC), FRCPC candidate (UBC, Victoria), Wilderness Medicine

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