Tristan Jones


The international man of mystery, currently considering creating a self-named fragrance “Tris-Tahn” by Tristan. He once sailed a boat from Vancouver to Victoria and can often be found navigating the currents off the coast, occasionally letting his co-residents drive (he does ask that you don’t call manning the helm “driving”). Part 2 of the dad-bod duo, Tristan does much more then create a self titled fragrance. He is also a CRACKCast guru and his voice has been described as timeless (making him sound taller then he is in person) and has a world renowned talk on fascicular blocks. If you have a moment, ask him explain fascicular blocks and, like waking from a dream, you will finally see the world and it is glorious.

MD (Calgary), FRCPC candidate (UBC, Victoria), Disaster Medicine

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