Elective Description

Victoria Emergency Medicine offers a 4 week elective for medical students in their final year that provides the opportunity to gain exposure and competence in managing a wide variety of clinical presentations in a busy emergency department. Students start by working with an experienced emergency physician on dedicated four-hour teaching blocks, where the physician is scheduled exclusively to teach, rather than trying to manage the department. This is followed by one-on-one work with knowledgeable, enthusiastic physicians with a passion for teaching. Students will have the opportunity to participate in emergency procedures such as suturing, orthopedic reductions, casting, intubation, central lines, chest tube placement and trauma management. They will also have the opportunity to interact with senior emergency medicine residents. Additional learning opportunities include involvement in weekly academic days with the EM residents, monthly EM journal clubs, weekly grand rounds, and simulation sessions.

Contact Information

For more information or to inquire about arranging an elective, please contact Theresa McInally at For questions regarding the elective itself please contact Dr. Jim Goulding at

Out of province students are also welcome! For more information about the UBC visiting student elective program, please check the UBC visiting student elective page.

UBC Students

Applications for electives are submitted online via the One45 system. There are deadline application dates for each elective block, which must be approved by the elective organizer for successful placement.

Visiting Students


Canadian students may apply between 3 and 7 months prior to their desired start date.

Elective years are:

  • 2016/17: May 23 2016 – April 30 2017
  • 2017/18: May 1 2017 – April 28 2018

Applications for electives are submitted online.

The first come, first serve principle applies for UBC electives. Applicants are encouraged to apply and pay as close to the 7 month mark as possible.

Note that while you may complete the application process early, the placement process may start several months later, as this is dependent on the UBC student schedule.

Placement Policy

Unfortunately UBC cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive a confirmed elective due to capacity limitations.

UBC will continue attempts to confirm a rotation for you up until 2 months prior to the elective start date. After that time, they will close your application to provide you with enough time to arrange an elective elsewhere.

You will receive regular communications throughout the process to ensure you are aware of the status of your application.

Victoria Accommodations

Students with confirmed electives in Victoria can contact Angela Dawe at for accommodation options.

Prospective Residents

Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents apply to residency programs via the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

Visit the UBC Department of Emergency Medicine page for more information about the department and the program as a whole.

More information on the application process including the program contacts, quota, and required documentation can be found on our CaRMS Program Information Page.